Evelyn's Tahitian Paradise

Evelyn's Tahitian Paradise

29 Jun 2018 Evelyn Swayne Travel Stories, Ocean Cruise, Luxury, Short Breaks
Tahiti lived up to more than what I expected!
The flight via Auckland took just over 8 hours in the one day and both Emirates and Air Tahiti Nui were fantastic and it was non-tiring. Tahitian people are very friendly, there is weather warm and prices for food and drinks cheaper than expected.

On day one we visited local markets with lovely local handicrafts and bars and restaurants with a very Parisian vibe.  Pearls, pearls, pearls ready made to your choosing, and at a great price by going direct to the jeweller.

A ship inspection was next on the list and the Aranaui 5 was a surprise package in cruise ship experience. Visiting 9 islands on a cargo/cruise ship to some of the remote islands of Tahiti, is a perfect way to see all of what Tahiti has to offer.

A short ferry ride to the island of Moorea to settle in for a few nights and explore their island treasures.  I had the opportunity to swim with sharks and sting rays followed by a lunch in a tropical oasis with more snorkelling.  Several hotel inspections gave me the opportunity to see the many options to suit all travellers needs and budgets.
I visited local landmarks and indulged in the local cuisine at pop up restaurants; this combined with fantastic weather and great snorkelling made for a wonderful island destination. The Tahitian waters are some of the best in the world and the views were spectacular from every angle. 

Another day flight back home to complete my short but sweet adventure.

Tahiti really is a destination to consider for your next holiday. You will be pleasantly surprised!


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