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"The reason we all love this Island so much is because of folk like Evelyn. Small businesses that put their community before profit. I like so many others have been blessed with Evelyn’s care and attention to detail - all well above the call of duty. You are a gem my friend."

Jayne Bates - January 2022

"I would have been quite lost without Kingscote Travel staff to help me navigate a busy family travel schedule and costs. Their service beyond office hours and ease of use when time or money is tight has been wonderful. Life on an island can be tricky but Kingscote Travel have helped make it work for locals and they pay it forward by supporting community groups and employing local staff. I couldn't have done my single mum years without your service. Thank you, Evelyn Swayne."

Catherine Jamieson - January 2022 

"We can't change the world, but we can make a difference within our own communities. Thank you, Evelyn Swayne, for being a true ambassador for Kangaroo Island and a genuine example of Kangaroo Island Community magic... the type of magic that leaves locals and visitors with that warm, fuzzy feeling that is priceless."

Sarah Strong-Law - January 2022

"A big thank You to Evelyn at Kingscote Travel who came to my rescue this morning at 7am when I missed my shuttle bus. Evelyn picked me up and drove me to Penneshaw so I could catch the bus to Flinders to see Bill. I'm not sure of too many Travel agents that would provide that kind of customer service for their clients. Forever grateful."

Annette Roestenburg - March 2022

"Hi all, I just want to give a huge shout out to Evelyn at Kingscote Travel - she simply goes above and beyond. As most of you will know, Richard is ill and we were able to come back home this last weekend for a few days. We were at the Penneshaw Terminal last night when the ferry was cancelled. I know this of course impacts anybody trying to get across either way, but for us it caused instant panic as Richard needed to be at the RAH today for essential treatment. As I am standing in the queue at the terminal to see what we can arrange, Evelyn rings and has already got a seat on hold on this morning’s flight for Richard. You don’t get this kind of service everywhere.

Remember - it doesn’t cost you any extra to organise your ferry bookings and flights on and off island through Kingscote Travel - and it helps them.

When you are making your next plans for a road trip or a weekend away or travels to other States - Ev can sort this all for you - and the bonus is that if any hiccups occur, she has got your back. Kingscote Travel is a great local business - please support it where you can."

Susan Symens - September 2021

"A big shout out to Evelyn and her team at Kingscote Travel. My family and I are visiting South Australia over the Easter Break and I thought I had meticulously planned everything in terms of accommodation, activities, rental cars, restaurants etc. Everything except the ferry to Kangaroo Island which is booked out for the days we need. Her team went above and beyond to help me and now it’s all sorted. I would highly recommend them for their professionalism, helpfulness and efficiency. Such a delight to deal with. We look forward to visiting your beautiful state soon."

Helena van der Pluijm - April 2021

"Can only talk from experience and every moment has been a great one. Evelyn and her colleagues do more than an outstanding effort and job. Congratulations."

Yvonne and Andrew Sincock - June 2018

"Kingscote Travel is the best travel agent around. Evelyn and her team go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure every need is taken care of. I have been using Kingscote Travel for years now and won’t stop. Evelyn takes care of all the small details to make your holiday great."

Ebony Budarick - March 2018

"Evelyn was fantastic helping us sort out our ferry to Kangaroo Island. Couldn't ask for a better travel agent! Very professional and provided us with confidence. Keep up the good work!"

Joyce Ferng - March 2018

"What can we say! No wonder Evelyn won Travel Agent of the Year Award. Evelyn organised a cake which was delivered to us on our Emirates flight to Dubai today. It was to Congratulate us on our 30th Wedding Anniversary as this is what our holiday has been planned around. 

The Emirates staff signed a card and brought us a glass of champagne to go with the cake. We were both totally blown away by your thoughtfulness Evelyn! Thank you so much."

Karene Bell - August 2016

"Thank you so much Evelyn! Appreciate all your work today and even after hours to help us out after two flight cancellations from Sydney and Canberra this afternoon. Hopefully we will be home tomorrow. Earlier than if we relied on the airline to re-arrange. You so deserve your recent award!"

Belinda Clifford - July 2016

"We are stuck in Bali and couldn't be more grateful to Evelyn and team for all their support and amazing help in securing us flights home for our party of 9. They are in constant contact with us and continually updating us, getting us on earlier flights as they become available. So grateful for all their hard work (which I'm sure is significant), enabling us to relax and not be stressed out whilst stuck here. Reiterates to us the value of having a reputable travel agent handle our travel bookings. Thank-you so much!"

Rachel Beck - July 2015

"Thanks Evelyn for booking my cruise, Singapore to Perth. The Island is lucky to have you, with your knowledge."

Sandra Faint - May 2016

"Thank you Evelyn for providing me and Luci with awesome service on her flight delays/cancellations etc. Your service goes far beyond the call of duty sorting and reassuring us at midnight. We are lucky to have you here."

Rene Steyn - December 2017

"Big thank you Ev for being our lifeline in the chaos! Accommodation was great in Melbourne and way easier than watching the people waiting for Jetstar alternative... You're a champion!"

Cath Fearnside-Tydeman - November 2015

"I would like to say a HUGE thank-you to Evelyn for her ongoing work getting us out of Bali. The minute the cancellation came through Ev was onto getting us out (and that was on a Sunday)! Today she worked even more and got us out a day earlier! Kingscote Travel may be on Kangaroo Island, but you can use them no matter where you are. Thank-you!"

Dee Shepard - January 2016

"Thank-you Ev. We just got back. We are so thankful for all the hours you put in to getting us back and looking after us. BEST TRAVEL AGENT EVER!"

Sue Lovering - July 2017

"Another wonderful service provided by Ev and her team. We had a great holiday, everything was exactly what we wanted and everything was well organised. Thanks Ev, you put our mind at ease right until we landed back safely on the Island."

Kristie Kuper Barr - April 2016

"Big thank-you to Kingscote Travel for everything they have done for the dentist and myself over the last year. You're truly amazing...and help us with all our travel arrangements even out of working hours! Thanks Ev, you're a legend!"

Kali Furniss - 2015-2018

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